Elimination is the cornerstone game when it comes to Corks Up! The ultimate ice breaker. This is THE quickest way to get a group of people fired up and competing. This "last player standing" game will show who amongst the herd is a true cork master.

  • 4+ players
  • ~5 minutes



Step 1: Nominate the noisiest player as the "Cork Master." If it's your first time, just pick the one who can wake up the neighbors with a sneeze.

Step 2: The Cork Master hands out corks like they're Oprah. "You get a cork, and you get a cork!"

Step 3: Cork Master yells, "Coooorks Up!" Imagine it's the battle cry of a caffeinated Viking. Players hold their corks above the table ready to conquer.

Step 4: The Cork Master screams, "Go!" Everyone drops their cork on its side, hoping it'll pull off an acrobatic stunt and land on its end. Physics, meet chaos.

Step 5: First person to defy gravity and get the cork to stand up, raises both hands and yells, "Done!"

Step 6: The loser (aka the last cork-standing failure) is kicked out. The loser's cork is persona non grata and eliminated as well. (Even if the Cork Master is eliminated, they continue hosting the round until play is complete.)

Step 7: Pass your cork to the person to the left, like it's the Olympic torch, but with more suspense.

Step 8: Rinse and repeat the cork circus until only two gladiators remain.

Step 9: The last two standing face off in the ultimate showdown! Best two out of three wins! Winner gets the prestigious title of "Cork Master" and five glorious seconds of fame.

In the event of a tie: If at any point two players synchronize their cork wizardry, they battle it out in a quick 1 vs. 1 duel to determine who is eliminated. Then play continues.

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