Corks Up! evolved from a simple bar trick. No one knows who the first person was to drop a cork on its side and marvel at the moment it stood on its end, but this simple phenomenon has brought together our family and friends for decades. Whether it's cards, charades, or ping-pong, our family loves to compete. Taking a cork from a wine bottle, we created another way to continue the competition, even at the dinner table. At first, we would see who could get it to stand up in the fewest tries. Then, by collecting enough corks for everyone at the table, the last one to stand their cork was “eliminated.” 

While it always got heated, the simplicity connected multiple generations. There’s nothing better than watching the newest to the game light up like they won a grand slam tennis tournament when they crush everyone at the table. Over the past couple of years, sharing the joy in this high-energy, ice-breaker, party-maker, has been a personal mission. 

Through hundreds of hours of play, we’ve refined the game and created custom corks that improve the experience and unlock new ways to enjoy. We look forward to hearing the guttural sound of “Coooooorks Up!”, knowing a new game is starting, new memories are being made and hands will be raised in victory!


We're two friends brought together by this crazy game. We want to share great moments with everyone and bring friends, families, and strangers together for great memories and fun.


Chris & Heath

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